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Keeping Die Wilgers a sought-after area to live in


  • DWRA is able to represent, speak and act on behalf of more than 600 houses and 850 units in complexes
  • DWRA communicates with the Tshwane Municipality, the South African Police Services and with other residence associations in the area
  • DWRA focuses on matters of SAFETY and SECURITY, ENVIRONMENT, TRAFFIC and BUILDING DEVELOPMENTS and related issues


  • DWRA is managed by a voluntary committee elected at an Annual General Meeting
  • DWRA operates through sub-committees focusing on the main concerns of residents For a nominal voluntary annual fee, residents get benefits on the issues of keeping DIE WILGERS clean, safe and maintaining it as a pre-dominantly residential area for individuals, families, children and many retired folk Achievements
  • DWRA has facilitated the formation of a 24/7 staffed central point for the community for coordinating services. This is located on the first floor of Willows Crossing Shopping Centre
  • DWRA spearheaded the daily community patrols as well as the use of a radio network which has led to the effective reduction of crime-related incidences locally and in neighbouring areas Together with developers we have found alternatives to high-rise buildings, thus protecting the character of the area


A voluntary contribution of R150 p.a. or any other donation per individual household OR R250 p.a. per complex + R10 per unit. R250 for businesses.

Radio Network
Purchase a two-way radio, joining more than 400 radios in Die Wilgers. Radio owners can reach the community centre instantaneously with all and any emergencies. Community announcements keep you informed of issues.

Community Patrols
Do a two-hour patrol, once a month at night, or during the day and be the ears and eyes of the community keeping Die Wilgers safe. This activity is safe, as patrollers call in, using the radios, and trained individuals respond to emergencies.

ComSafe (private company)
A purposefully, locally operated security company was formed to specifically provide services to Die Wilgers residents. A call to Comsafe gets a response in less than three minutes.
Comsafe: 0861 12 24 07

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Oulandsloop Rossouw St Policy

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